Professional Info

I am a scientist by training. I hold a B.S degree from Keene State College in Environmental Science. When I received it, Environmental Science was a rigorous multi-disciplinary science program. Undergraduate work required lab sciences in all the major disciplines: chemistry, biology, physics, and geology. That meant at least one lab science every single semester - and often two or three. In addition to basic courses, the requirements included Organic Chemistry, Meteorology, Hydrology, Biochemistry, and Environmental Geology. Add in my specialization in biology which included Population Ecology and Genetics, and I spent a lot of time in the Science Center.

My career has spanned a range of industries, beginning with an analytical instruments manufacturer, then a decade in marketing and service roles for a major network infrastructure and security solutions provider, followed by my current career in healthcare. I have worked at companies ranging from 120 employees to over 60,000. I have lead sales teams, developed marketing programs, mentored young people, and delivered financial results.

I am passionate about technology and its potential to significantly improve the outcomes of our healthcare system. My unique combination of experience - understanding the science, the business, and the technical aspects of healthcare allow me to approach problems from a variety of perspectives. Throughout my career I have both initiated and managed change - often wrenching change - and have successfully lead teams through to success. With the coming changes to the healthcare system I believe I have much yet to contribute. I am excited to be part of making the future.