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I have been collecting things on the web since I created my first webpage on Angelfire.com in 1996. After lettying this domain languish for a few years while I concentrated on other things, I've decided to bring it back to life as a place for my personal and professional lives to mix.

The Professional

I am the Technical Architect at the Center for Connected Health in Boston, MA. Part of Partners Healthcare, our mission is to change the way care is delivered by using technology to improve the connections between patients and healthcare providers.

Currently, I focus on the intersection of consumer devices and enterprise healthcare systems; mobile health (mHealth); behavior change through technology; and regulatory issues surrounding technology in healthcare.

  • Graduate School

    I am also a candidate for a Master's degree in Health and Medical Informatics at Brandeis University.
  • Speaking

    My job offers me incredible opportunities to speak all around the country on a variety of healthcare subjects. Interested in meeting me? Look at the list of where I and my colleagues will be speaking in the near future.
  • Writing

    My job affords me the chance to write for the Center's website and occasionally in other places. Some of the things I am most proud of can be found in the archives of this site.

The Personal

  • The Weather

    I am an amateur meteorologist and fascinated by the weather. Of course I have a weather station on top of my house, which offers local weather to my community via the website GraftonWeather.net that I maintain.
  • The Motorcycle

    I have been riding motorcycles since 1982 and riding on the street since 1988. I have a preference for the bikes with 80's and 90's styling that I longed for as a child. My current ride (and sometimes project bike) is a 2002 Kawasaki Vulcan 750.
  • The Blog

    In my spare time, I write and rant about the things I am passionate about. This includes technology, tools, and bar-b-que. Sometimes profane - this is where the non-work side of me lives. Please note - these are my personal ramblings.
  • Other Things About Me

    Some other things you may or may not be interested in learning about me.